I have always believed that football is one of the best tools for the development of youths in a society like ours, where education is limited and unemployment is extremely high. Football does not in my opinion, only offer employment to the youth, but also creates a platform for socialization and exposure to different cultures that abounds in the universe.

It is my wish that at the Ekiti State Football Association, I will work with both the board members and the congress, to create a football culture in Ekiti State. Together, we shall take football to where it belongs; the grassroots. It is at the various towns and villages that makes up the 177 wards of the 16 local government areas of the state, and the various football competitions we have established, we hope to unearth the next generation of football stars through which a viable football ecosystem shall be created.

In creating a viable football ecosystem through our constant interaction with all stakeholders and leveraging on the powers and popularity of the sport, we shall establish a football business where investors can be guaranteed a good return on their investment.